A temporary addiction therapy program might be best for those who can’t spend a great deal of time in a rehab center as a result of economic, specialist, or personal reasons. When you count on AdventHealth for your sports-medicine and recovery care, you’re trusting the similar team trusted by specialist sporting activities companies like the Orlando Magic, the Tampa Florida Bay Buccaneers, Tampa Bay Bay Lightning, and much more.

Our in-patient system includes Self-reliance Square, a distinctive physical rehab area that versions several real-life environments so you can work with the skills you utilize in everyday life– like getting around your apartment or condo, going to the food store or pharmacy, and navigating visuals and irregular sidewalks.

That’s why our physiotherapists, sporting activities medication professionals and various other rehabilitation professionals work around the clock to spread recognition and education. AdventHealth is below to aid you heal, strengthen, and renew, with an entire team of sports-medicine and rehabilitation specialists dedicated to your whole-person treatment.

Oncology people sometimes have some very details demands that can be addressed by physical treatment. Dr. David Garcia is a board-certified physiotherapist, clinical procedures manager and facility manager at AdventHealth Training Facility. In both in-patient and outpatient setups, you deal with a team of extremely proficient doctors, physiotherapists, rehab experts, and speech therapists to create a treatment strategy that’s right for you.

He’s dealt with Olympic, MLB, NBA and NFL professional athletes, and is a teacher in our orthopedic physical therapy residency program. Driven by your goals and sports rehab Centre Near me needs and our knowledge, we offer a complete series of non-invasive treatments for injuries.

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