Michael Keaton, the veteran actor known for his role as the iconic Batman once said, “To this day, I have the most fond memories of some of my old toys.”

Toys are what makes our childhood special. Our memories are not only implanted in our homes or in the people we know but also in the toys we used to play with as kids.

That’s why it’s important to buy our kids not only the coolest toys, but also the safest. In this article, we will list down the best toy stores you can find in Ottawa.

Our kids deserve the best so we’ll do what we can to give them that. That includes finding the best place to shop for toys.

We followed a specific criteria to determine which of the many toy stores around Ottawa are the best. The following criteria can serve https://shravskitchen.com/ as a guide for you so here’s what you should look for as well:

A reasonable rate is important when choosing the right toy store for you. You don’t want a store that overcharges you.

The facilities are also important so you want a toy store that’s organized. If you’re looking for a certain toy, you should be able to find it in less than 10 minutes.

A good selection of toys is very important. We want a go-to store for all our toy shopping needs.

Friendly staff is another thing that we made sure of. When your kids ask them a silly question, they should be able to answer that question nicely.

1.  Mastermind Toys

Mastermind Toys prides themselves in their enormous selection of toys, offering a selection for both younger children and teens. They are one of the biggest toy stores in Canada with multiple branches around the country.

That wasn’t always the case though. The store had humble beginnings as a small business established by brothers Andy and Jonathan Levy.

Their location in Ottawa is pretty accessible for everyone. It’s not too far from the main city and it’s easy to commute to.

Their facilities are also well-organized. Their toys are separated by specific sections so you won’t have a hard time looking for a specific item that your child may want.

Another thing we liked about Mastermind Toys is their selection of toys from well-known brands all over the world. If you want a toy based on a kid’s show or movie like Disney Pixar’s Turning Red, you can find it here.

It’s also refreshing to see that Mastermind Toys sells books. They offer a wide selection that covers topics such as recipes, parenting, self-help, and more.

We’re also impressed that Mastermind Toys offer competitive prices to its customers, most of which are at standard retail price. They even have a membership system that has its own perks such as discounted products and surprise birthday gifts for kids.

Really, the only negative we see in Mastermind Toys is the fact that they have multiple stores which means their supply is stretched out. Sometimes, their selection for specific toys runs out and they may be short-staffed at times, at least in this branch.

All in all, Mastermind Toys is definitely a good choice for a toy store in Ottawa. As long as they don’t run out of stocks, they have a wide selection of toys to choose from.

  • Perks for members
  • Organized selection
  • Online store
  • Some stocks run out
  • Seems short-staffed

Customer Reviews

10 years
We have been coming here for 10 years and we have never had a bad experience. On the contrary the staff are extremely polite and helpful. The one girl is a Christmas wrapping specialist! Nobody here would ever say anything bad about anyone. I don’t understand the other review I read here. Some people are crazy it seems, just ignore it and I hope she gets the help she needs. Thank you again!! – Jim Purchase”

Toys and books
One of the best toy stores in Ottawa. Great selection of kids toys and games at competitive prices. The store is warm and inviting. Lots of staff on the floor who went above and beyond to make the visit easy and flow nicely. I purchased several books and some toys for Christmas present giveaways.” – Carl Cencig

2.  Tag Along Toys

Tag Along Toys is another notable toy store in Ottawa. It’s known by a lot of people because it’s been in Ottawa for nearly two decades.

Their selection is quite unique, specializing in more educational toys so if you have a child who learns better when he or she is playing, this might be the place for you.

The owner, Patti Taggartis, is an early childhood educator with 20 years of experience. Her studies focused on both the cognitive and social development of children at an early age.

So if your kids are struggling socially or physically, you might find the perfect toy for them here.

Unlike other toy stores, Tag Along Toys doesn’t have many famous or well-known brands for their toys. However, they do have toys that kids from 2 years old until their teenage years can play with.

What’s cool about Tag Along Toys is their goal of inclusion. “Tag along” is what we’d say to someone that we want to come with us and it’s a good name for a company that wants to include every kind of child into their playtime.

Tag Along is also a good choice for kids who are into arts. They sell arts and crafts and other similar products.

3. Kazka Toys

Kazka Toys is another well-known toy store in Ottawa. They specialize in artsy toys and baby toys but they have a selection for other types of toys as well.

What makes Kazka Toys unique is their artisan toys. These toys are very intricately designed and almost look like art themselves.

These unique toys are usually made of wood and don’t have too many moving parts unlike modern toys. Some of these toys look like the toys our grandparents had back then, handcrafted to look and feel distinct from other toys in the market.

Kazka Toys is in this list because we know that they still have a really good selection. Their arts & crafts toys, their musical toys, and their puzzles are all good choices to give to growing kids.

They also have a lot of products for babies which is good for new parents. From wooden figures that have math problems on them to dolls that describe each body part to the child, their toys are very different from the usual toys we see in the market.

4. Toys on Fire

Despite their name, the toys in Toys on Fire are not on fire. At least not literally.

From a collector’s perspective, however, these toys are definitely on fire. They’re awesome and most of them are expensive.

Toys on Fire primarily sells collectibles and licensed toys like gundams, Funko Pops, and Hot Toys which are great for growing teens. They also sell comic books, board games, puzzles, and more.

Since they first opened in 2005, Toys on Fire continues to be one of the most well-known hobby stores in Ottawa. Their target market is mainly collectors ranging from teens to adults.

This may be a dealbreaker for parents with younger kids but for parents who love movies, anime, video games, and want their kids to be the same, they’ll love shopping here.

It’s a good place to start if you want to bond with your kids through classic toys that you also had when you were little. Toys like Dyecast, Hot Wheels, and Gundam, are all toys that even the older generation had and you can use that to your advantage and bond with your kids through them.

5. All About Kids

All About Kids’ selection is to our surprise, all about kids! Who would’ve thought? They focus solely on toys for younger kids who are aged 0 – 5 years old.

Their selection is perfect for new parents or parents with a newborn child. All their toys are educational and are designed for teaching.

These toys are perfect if you want to bond with your kids more. Toys like this are great for creating memories with your kids that they will forever treasure.

The toys range from dolls to small musical instruments to faux scientific tools that you can use to help them learn. We particularly like their Imaginary Play toys because they are interactive, making the parents part of the fun.

It should be noted that this may not be the store to shop for teenagers. But parents who are expecting or already have a newborn will appreciate the products they sell.

Their toys are organized by subjects such as science toys, math toys, language toys and even history toys. We especially liked the math toys because they had many options available. Math is a complicated subject and making it fun for kids can be a challenge.

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